Braces. Reinvented.

For patients who don’t like the appearance of traditional braces, Dr. Nadim Guirguis at Mountain View Orthodontics offer INBRACE lingual braces as part of the treatment suite.

INBRACE combines the effectiveness of conventional braces with the aesthetics of traditional lingual braces and the comfort of aligners. Customized pre-formed “smartwires” are made to fit the smile of each patient – guaranteeing highly individualized and faster orthodontic treatment with less discomfort.

Additionally, INBRACE has the smallest lingual brackets available, which makes cleaning them during your treatment significantly easier than other lingual treatment brands. Check out the video below to see INBRACE in action!

Actually Invisible

With nothing attached to the front of your teeth, enjoy the benefits of your improving smile with INBRACE without anyone noticing. Don’t hide behind the bars of traditional metal braces or the glistening plastic and permanent attachments of ‘clear’ aligners. Take that selfie with pride!

Shorter Treatment Time

INBRACE’s “smartwires” are customized to fit your teeth and mouth – minimizing tooth movement required to achieve your smile. This efficiency can reduce treatment time by months (years in some cases).

Less Discomfort

INBRACE uses patented self driving Gentleforce technology to guide your teeth to their ideal position. This means fewer discomfort events – no more painful tightenings and no more forcing your teeth into a plastic mold every two weeks.
Better Hygiene and No Stains!

With INBRACE, it is easy to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Brush and floss like normal. Clear aligners can trap liquids like coffee, wine and soda which can lead to staining and tooth decay. Traditional braces require special tools to floss.

During your consultation, Dr. Guirguis will determine if INBRACE braces are the right treatment application for you.